Big challenge(s) – well-mastered

Challenging listening tasks, some tricky reading comprehension and unexpected cultural knowledge questions were part of this year’s English contest “The Big Challenge“. Due to the special circumstances in Corona times, our students of 8a and 8b (2019/2020) had to sit their contests all by themselves and even use their home equipment, which for some certainly meant an extra challenge.

When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

  1. on the first Thursday in October
  2. on the fourth Friday in November
  3. on the fourth Thursday in November
  4. on June 28

Do YOU know the right answer?

Similar questions were part of the challenge. Thus, our 8a and 8b students tested not only their grammar and vocabulary but their overall language skills and intercultural knowledge, and they mastered these challenges well. After several weeks of optional (!) individual online training, many achieved impressive results.

We congratulate all participants and especially laud the following candidates with the best results:

Johanna P. (8a), Rufat D. (8b), Marlo B. (8a), Julian L. (8b), Ela Ö. (8a) and Martin M. (8b).

We were able to award several prices, among them a power bank, calendars, a gold medal, certificates, pencils and more. “It definitely was a positive experience and worth the effort,“ most students agreed.

And, by the way, Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday in November (answer c), of course.

V. Kleefisch and S. Kubern


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